Important Vastu Tips for Your Bedroom

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Vastu plays a very important role to bring overall happiness and the placement and designing of your bedroom can add a direct or indirect influence on it. Vastu is indeed a sacred science that can help you live a stress-free life. The bedroom is a place where one retires after having a tedious day, so it is really important that it is acquainted with significant Vastu characteristics. The direction in which you are sleeping or the direction of the bedroom, according to family members must be taken properly with utmost care.

Direction of the bedroom specifics

  • Head of the family– A bedroom in the south west or south
  • Unmarried children– A bedroom in the east
  • Young couples– A bedroom in the north

Things to remember for your bedroom Vastu

  • Don’t place any divine idol in your bedroom as the best place for them is your pooja room.
  • Don’t place any mirror in the south wall as it can cause numerous tantrums in kids.
  • Make sure that bedroom doors don’t produce any creaky voice.
  • Try to paint the bedroom with earthy tones such as almond shades or any regular browns.
  • Don’t use any marble stones for newly married couples.
  • Place beds in the south west direction in the children’s room so that a child’s head is in the east or south direction.
  • Place any electrical appliances like heater or TV in the south east direction.
  • Make sure that none of your body part is visible in the mirror of the bedroom else it can develop a medical problem.
  • It is very auspicious to keep safe in the south wall and it should open toward the north only.
  • Install the almirah, shelves and wardrobes in the south-west corner of the bedroom.
  • The bathroom should not face the bed and should always be closed.
  • Avoid any kind of bed alignment to any corner.
  • The main entrance to the bedroom should always be at the northeast corner.
  • It is recommended to keep switching on the light in the entire night as a completely dark bedroom can bring a lot of negativity in life.
  • Keep the right foot on the floor first upon rising from the bed in the morning.
  • Place bookshelf in the west or southwest corner of your bedroom.
  • Sleep with your head pointing toward the south direction so your legs will come toward north direction.
  • Avoid wrought iron bed and instead, go for wooden bed to bring positive aura.

Which direction to avoid?

Avoid south east direction for your bedroom since it is the centre of fire and can lead to various fights. If your children are staying in this direction, they may not be able to concentrate on studies. It can also cause various issues among couples. Also, avoid north east direction since this direction is best suitable for a place of worship.

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