Know About the Holy Occasion of Tulsidas Jayanti

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The occasion of Tulsidas Jayanti is celebrated throughout the country with great devotion and happiness. Know more about this festival by reading this blog and buy puja accessories online.

The celebrated writer of the magnum opus- the epic Sri Ramacharitamanas was composed in the Avadi language by Tulsidas, a very popular person in the Hindu mythology. He was an intellectual saint, poet, and an acclaimed writer. The occasion of Tulsidas Jayanti is observed with puja kit for all festivals, in honour of the birth of this saintly person, in the Shravan month, on the day of Shukla Paksha and the Saptami tithi. Tulsidas has contributed manifolds to the Hindi and Sanskrit literature. Besides, he also had a primary role to play in the Bhakti Andolan. For this day, you should always do pooja samagri online shopping from before to avoid any kind of harassment.

About Him :-

Tulsidas was born in the Rajpur district of Banda in Uttar Pradesh. A Sarayuparina Brahmin by birth, he is regarded as an incarnation of Valmiki. His wife was called Ratnavali to whom he was attached very passionately. So strong was his love for Lord Rama, that his wife had said to him, “My body is but a network of flesh and bones. If you would develop for Lord Rama even half the love that you have for my filthy body, you would certainly cross the ocean of Samsara and attain immortality and eternal bliss”. On hearing this, he instantly abandoned his home to get the holy darshan of Lord Rama.

Once on his visit to Vrindavan, he had visited a temple where he saw the statue of Lord Krishna. Krishna revealed himself before him in the form of Lord Rama with a huge bow and arrow. It was in the divine place of Varanasi that he left his mortal coil and entered the abode of immortality.

Significance of Tulsidas Jayanti:-

One of the most highly admired and knowledgable poets of his own time, Tulsidas did a lot of good deeds for humanity. His life was adorned with many noted and surprising miracles. One of them includes his meeting with Lord Hanuman and the darshan of Lord Rama. Tulsidas had always preached bhakti for the superior humans. He believed it was the path of spiritual evolution. The constant chanting of the name of Rama enabled one to achieve their final liberation. The ultimate moksha is only available after this, he had said repeatedly.

On this auspicious day, you are supposed to buy pooja accessories online and commit yourself to pray to Tulsidas. The occasion is celebrated with great pomp and show. It starts with the time of sunset where prayers are chanted by taking his name. Religious observances are conducted like reading the saintly Ramacharitamanas to glorify his birth. Some of his devotees conduct this festival on a large scale by feeding the Brahmins with a variety of different food items after all the prayers are done. On this day, Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman, and Goddess Sita are also worshipped with a lot of devotion and adoration. For this, people buy all the required ingredients from the puja store online. This part of the entire festival is supposed to be of significant ritualistic fervour.

Within the social and literary circles like schools, colleges and other educational institutions, lectures, seminars are conducted, dance, song and recitation programmers are also held and a lot of participation is encouraged. Engaging discussions happen in his life and his essential contributions.

You can also notice Tulsidas Jayanti being celebrated in the Lord Rama temples. The priest reads the Ramacharitamanas with a pious feeling. Seminars are arranged on the prominent teachings of saint Tulsidas, especially in North India.

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