Krishna: The Innocent Reincarnation of Lord Vishnu


We all know about Lord Krishna and his shenanigans. In this blog, we will learn a little bit more about everyone’s favorite Krishna. Read on for more information.

The last and everyone’s favorite manifestation of Lord Vishnu as Krishna. It took Seven hundred shlokas present in eighteen different chapters somewhere amidst the war of Kurukshetra and a thousand other ways to define his doings and deeds in this world. It is still not enough for us to know about everything he did within the limited years we have on earth. He came to this world during the resolution of Dwapara yuga. This is when people lost all their vision of righteousness and truth and flowed in the net of Maya which means lust, greed, and other desires which were materialistic. Another term to describe this is “Adharma”. The majority of the population was entangling themselves in Adharma towards the end of that era. It was hard to even for the seekers of truth to resist this mayajaal. The universe was no longer balanced.  The trident saw this and was working behind restoring it. 

The Human Incarnation of Lord:-

Krishna, even though, was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was a human being. People were left with questions as to why it is important for God to take birth as a human and struggle like human beings. We also believe that God can do anything with the click of a finger. He can change the condition within a fraction of second. So, why was it important for him to take human form? Devotees pray multiple times each day to please God, who we think, controls the universe, and decides whether to bless us or curse us. This is what made people ponder over the human incarnation of the Lord when he could wipe away evil at once? 

There is no proper answer and evidence of this significant question. People are still researching and searching for the truth behind this. No solid evidence has been found until now. This is also a topic of debate and arguments in many parts. Yet, there is no evidence behind it. It is just an unending cycle. 

The Answer:-

The answer might be as simple as Lord wants his devotees to understand that in order to establish sanity or dharma, he too, has to face countless struggles. It is not possible for a human being to achieve everything through shortcuts. One has to work hard and struggle for it. Everything is a part of life and we have to face it all. Krishna is an inspiration for many even till today and to help human beings understand righteousness, he was born to Devaki and Vasudeva as their eighth child.

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