Sudarshan Homam-Procedure, Benefits and When To Perform

The word Sudarshan is made from ‘Su’– Correct or ‘darshana’ means Vision. It is also known as ‘Vision of which is Auspicious’. Sudarshan is another name used for Lord Vishnu’s wheel who used to destroy enemies with his weapons. Lord Vishnu used this weapon in his right hand and use it to protect the universe from any harmful activity. Lord Vishnu is the supreme God who helps to live life in a right way by eliminating all kinds of perils and obstructions. Homam enhances the capabilities of a person to overcome karmic, financial and health problems. It will also help you get relief from the negative effects caused due to an erroneous combination of planets in a horoscope. It ensures security by removing negative forces from your life. This chakra is believed to be 100 times more powerful than the radiance of the Sun. It is the most powerful protective factor for people who follows Dharam and the Lord.


It is believed that chanting Sudarshana Homam saved the people of the village from an epidemic. Since, then it is being used for protection.

Things you need to Perform Sudarshana Homam

Tulsi leaves, Prasad, incense sticks, flowers, fruits, herbs, Sudarshana Yantra, and Mantra. If you buy hawan samagri online then these are most important ingredients which you cant just miss out.

Sudarshana Homam Procedure:

  • Start with the Chanting of Sudarshana Mantra Jaap followed by “Naarayaanakrupavyuha Tejaschakraya Nama”.
  • Take the Sankalpa to get the blessings from Lord Vishnu.
  • Chant Agni Prathishtai.
  • Chant Sri Sudarsana Shadakshari 108 times with aahuthi.
  • Perform the Poornahuthi.
  • Take the round of Agni Kuntam and Chant Sri Sudarshan Ashtakam.
  • Wear the homam from the Bhasmam on the forehead for the protection.


  • Protects you from Harmful Things.
  • Vanquish your Enemies.
  • Empowers you with Positivity.
  • Relives you from unintended Worries and Sufferings.
  • Accelerate your Career and Business Growth.
  • Heal Health Complications.
  • Prevent Accidents.
  • Give tremendous effects on the Mind, Body and Soul.
  • It helps attain spiritual Wisdom and Knowledge to get the blessings from Lord Vishnu.

When to Perform:

Purnima, Dwadasi, and Ekadashi that falls on any Saturdays and Wednesdays are considered auspicious for Sudarshana Homa.

Sudarshana Homam should only be performed by an experienced priest. If you are looking for a priest, then get in touch with us at PujaShoppe.

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