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Pooja for Good Job and Growth in Career 

Having a steady and a good job is intensely important in today’s times, especially in a field of your choice. This way, you will not only have financial stability, but will also enjoy your work. Apart from that, the joy of fulfilling your dreams is something one must experience in their lives. And, this is not impossible. With the help of almighty Lord, it is definitely possible. Continue reading Pooja for Good Job and Growth in Career 

Importance and Benefits of Reciting Gayatri Mantra

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Gayatri is actually not the name of the mantra but it is actually a measurement. The mantras which are set in the CHANDAS of Gayatri are termed as Gayatri Mantra and actually chandas is the unit through which it is measured. It is said that when Gayatri Mantra actually came into existence at that time, chandas where not known by the people and thus, a new Vedic meter was introduced with this mantra. In our Vedas there are many mantras which are actually included in the Gayatri chnadas. In every Hindu family this is one of the first mantra that has been taught and also this puja mantra is been recited in almost every Hindu puja. It is believed there are many useful effects if anyone recites the mantra. The mantra actually purifies the soul and spirit of the person who chants it. The people who are close to the vicinity of the chanter also get positively affected by the mantra. Continue reading Importance and Benefits of Reciting Gayatri Mantra

Win Back Your Lost Love with This Puja and Mantra


We all go through a phase in life where we feel ignored by the most special person. Being ignored by a loved one could be depressing for anyone and reason could be anything from his/her career taking too much time or an entry of another person in his/her life. Everybody yearn for a happy ending right from the beginning of a relationship, but things can go unexpected. Need of a love and suitable partner to share the joy of life is natural. If you are ready to forget bad things that halted your relationship and thinking to give your relationship another chance, then here is a useful puja to get back your lost love. Continue reading Win Back Your Lost Love with This Puja and Mantra