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Significance of Vasant Panchami or Saraswati Puja

Significance of Vasant Panchmi or Sarwasti Puja One may call it differently, in several parts of this mystical country but mostly “Vasant Panchami” what this festival is better known as. All ocassion, one needs to collect puja samagri. In many parts, it is also celebrate as ‘Basant festivals of Kites”. Sikhs in Gurdwaras celebrate Vasant Panchami as “Sikh Festival”. Whereas in the state of Bihar, this day is dedicated to all the farmers, popularly known as ‘Harvest Festival’, Some of the other parts in India, it is the anniversary of “Deo-Sun God’. The occasion is the same, it is just that it is celebrated with different rituals and different customs. This shows that people always have a different way to celebrate an occasion but the essence remains the same everywhere. In wide parts of Bengal, this day is particularly special for Bengalis because it’s the day when Saraswati Puja is commenced with great pomp and Glitter. Continue reading Significance of Vasant Panchami or Saraswati Puja

Sit Back & Perform Effortless Pujas

Those who perform pujas frequently, or let’s say every day, know that any puja requires a lot of preparations, and ingredients, or samagri. From preparing a place to perform the puja to collecting all the required things, all these are tedious tasks to take up.

Worry not; pujashoppe.com has come up with a wide assortment of puja kits, and availability of pandits to perform any puja to help you perform an effortless puja. Now-a-days, it sometimes becomes a challenging task to get a pandit during puja days. You can now book pandit with us, if you are planning any puja. Our pandits will bring with them all the required samagri, and you just need to pay them for the entire puja. See, how easy and exciting it sounds!

The major aim of pujashoppe.com is to provide an effortless and excellent puja experience at your doorstep!

The puja kits available with us include all the essential items that are necessary for a particular puja. We have puja kits appropriate according to various pujas, like Satyanarayn puja, Mahalaxmi puja, Rudrabhishek puja, Navratri puja, Janmastmi puja, Grihparvesh puja, Mahamirtyunjay mantra puja, Namkaran puja, Shadi vivah puja, Diwali puja, Sundarkand puja, Sarswati puja, Laxmi Ganesh puja, etc.

All our puja kits are perfect for gifting purpose as well. You can buy and even send someone these auspicious puja kits within just a few clicks at www.pujashoppe.com. The puja kits are prepared in a way to make your puja experience more effortless and divine.

You will be highly pleased to find that all our products are designed with 24 ct.gold foil with the help of Swiss technology. All our product range comes with a promising lifetime warranty. Impressive, isn’t it!

Our talented professionals create the products with perfection to lend all out customers a spectacular product experience, like never before!

The main purpose of any puja is that there shouldn’t be any misapprehend in it. To accomplish it, all we require is an appropriate puja kit. Whether you want to perform the daily dialog with God, or you want to take up any special puja, the essential requirements are just a few clicks away from you at pujashoppe.com.

Without much ado, avail the impressive offers also on puja kits that are available for a short time only.

Pujashoppe.com is a remarkable one stop solution to all your puja worries, requirements, and hassles. Get in touch with that almighty with wholesome dedication and effortlessly with us!


Unveil Facts about the Jagannath Temple, the Abode of the Ruler of the Universe


Owing its origins back to the age old years of the 11th century, the Jagannath Temple has been relishing its significance as one of the ‘char dhams’ since time immemorial. Thousands of pilgrims and devotees from all across the globe travel all the way to the coastal state of Orissa to pay their homage to Lord Jagannath, the ruler of the Universe.

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The Antiquity of the Age Old Ratha Yatra in India

Puja Mandir

The Indian festive calendar has an assigned place for one of the most commemorated festivals of the Hindu clan, the Ratha Yatra. Aging back to the 11th century, this festival is primarily celebrated in the month of June or July to mark the almanac journey of Lord Jagannath to the residence of his aunt in the Gundicha temple that is about 2 km from the actual temple.

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Perform Shivling Abhishekam on Masik Shivratri for Monthly Merits

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The consortium of the Shiva and Parvati is a beautiful myth that is a reason enough for the followers of Shiva to observe a festivity. After all the pair is a representation of Ardhnarishwar, the basis of creation of life. The infinite power of Lord Shiva is honoured in form of many festivals, but Maha Shivratri holds prime importance amongst them all.  Falling on the Chaturdashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) of every lunar month, Masik Shivratri is the monthly celebration of the auspicious event. On this day, Shiva’s idol or Shivling is worshipped by the ardent devotees of Mahadev.

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