The Birth of an Innocent Little Soul And Beyond


While e we look all around us for auspiciousness, there are things that happen and take place quite close to us that can be included in the list of all auspicious happening. The birth of a child happens to be one of the most propitious or fortunate of occurrences for any household. Given the fact that Hinduism happens to be a religion that celebrates every good happening, a similar fervour is manifested in the welcoming of a child after its birth. Keeping at pace with the recent times, you now get to buy puja samagri online for all the rituals that you need to perform.

The vehemence of Hindu birth rituals

The essence of the Hindu birth rituals is essentially captured in the fact that the time span for which it is celebrated is quite a long one. There are several sections to it, with each section beholding a meaning and importance of its own.

“Eat honey my child, for it is good”

Feeding the child with honey right after it is born, is ceremonial in many households. This is even followed by the pouring of honey into the child’s ears. Though quite symbolical as a whole, this ritual is carried out as an assurance that the child will speak out sweet words and will hear sweet things as it grows up.

The welcome aarti for the new member of the family

Aarti is definitely an indispensable part of any good religious ceremony that is carried out in the household. It includes the burning of a lamp with oil and welcoming the new born baby with flowers and a tikka on the forehead. This also helps in keeping bad spirits and omens at bay.

Naamkaran or the naming ceremony that follows

Rice is the offering of the Gods. From the Vedic period rice has been an integral part of the prasad that is presented to the deities. It is due to this that rice is chosen as the first initial solid food that is fed to the child on the day of the rice ceremony. It is said that the child is said to collect the blessings of all the gods and the elderly members of the family on this day.

The Mundan ceremony

The first time a baby gets his or her hair shaved off, it is believed that the hair is offered to the gods in return of the auspicious blessings. This is considered to be a form of sacrifice that is made.

With the rapid expansion and increase in the number of puja items online stores in Delhi and elsewhere, the common masses have been at great ease in case of buying all that you need for the rituals. A baby is known to enlighten the house in which he or she is born. A boon of the deities, nothing surpasses the innocent smiles on these little faces.

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