The Naamkaran Ceremony – Bestowing Consciousness in a New Born

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The birth of a child commences a list of never ending ceremonies in a Hindu household. The ceremonies conducted are mainly done as a symbolism of the welfare of both the mother and the child. The bestowing of a name on a child is the reminder of the fact that he or she is bestowed with consciousness. This has been the way of the society ever since times immemorial. Keeping at par with the modern times, online portals have brought about the opportunity of purchasing any kind of puja ornament and other essentials that might be required for the ceremonies performed after birth.

The Naamkaran or the name giving ceremony

Derived from the Sanskrit term ‘naama’, a name has a spiritual meaning of its own. A name is supposed to bring about recognition and fame in the lives of the new born babies. It is owing to this attribute that the ceremony of naamkaran is given such a lot of importance to.

Though a new born, this ceremony happens to add on to the personality of the new born. To begin with, the naamkaran ceremony is where the horoscope of a child is looked into. Horoscope and planets as a whole is said to play a significant role in the life of an individual. Learned people and pandits often indulge in astrological calculations so as to determine the impending fortune or the impending dangers on the lives of the little one.

Veda is often a secret name that is provided to a child during a sacred period known as the Jatakarma. The reigning star of a child right after its birth is known as the ‘Janmanakshatra’ or the birth star. As per Hindu rituals, the first letter of a name must always be kept by keeping the movement and the influence of the birth star in mind. Even though the world has been vouching for an entire scientific demeanour, it is futile to basically look for scientific in it.

Names keep up to the trend these days

Coming to the days on which the naamkaran ceremony is performed, it is usually performed on the 11th, 12th, 16th, 20th, or 22nd day after the birth of a child. An auspicious day is selected among the mentioned ones and the preparations for the ceremony is done. There was a time when the name of a child was usually kept after certain great people and saints. However, with passing times names are even kept to keep up to the trending times. Alike all other things names too have received a modernised version of their own. With an array of spiritual products being required all through the process, you can as well order an online puja items without having to go out their physically. A treat to watch a naamkaran ceremony is a memorable one for the child as well as the entire family.

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