The Science behind the Utility of Wearing a Mangalsutra

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Fiesta at its best is what you can term a Hindu marriage as at any point of time. If you have actually witnessed a complete Hindu marriage ceremony, you would actually readily accept the fact that a marriage ceremony is an undisputed conglomeration of rituals and fun. Upholding the essence of age old traditions is what forms the base of these ceremonies. As you get to know about the ceremonies and the customaries attached to marriages what intrigues you the most is the fact that almost everything has a scientific and logical explanation behind their existence in the list. Right from the saat phere all to way to wearing a mangalsutra, you get to attain a religious or logical explanation to it all.The availability of divine items online has made performing, marriage rituals way easier.

Health benefits derived from wearing a mangalsutra

A mangalsutra, a black and gold thread tied around the neck of a bride by the groom is an item that is not unknown to any. It is one of the most essential of all accessories that seals the lifelong bond between two individuals. Being an age old customary, did you ever think of finding out the benefits that a bride gets to derive from the same? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that there is a scientific explanation to it all.

Mangalsutras are generally made out of pure gold. According to Ayurveda, gold is known to have beneficial properties when it comes to health, the prime of them all being an improved heart health. The center of a mangalsutra, which is usually round in shape is known to attract cosmic waves from the surroundings to help the heart function properly. The waves are also considered to be a prime factor that helps in maintaining a healthy relationship between the bride and the groom throughout.

Spiritual benefits attached to it

The black beads on the other hand protects the bride from all sorts of evil omens and negativity that surrounds her. The three distinct knots in the thread represent three distinct phases of the brides – obedience of her partner, respect for God and obedience towards parents.

Gone are the days when the only means to get hold of a mangalsutra was at the jewellery store. Online spiritual portals too help you get hold of mangalsutras of the latest designs. Being a one-time affair, marriage is the most memorable event of a woman’s life. Thus eccentric jewellery should be the call of the hour.

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