Significance Of the Rice Ritual Right before a Bride’s Griha Pravesh


Hindu culture is an example of cultural diversity at its best. Hindu marriages re celebrated with an unparalleled grandeurs and comprise of rituals galore. It is one ceremony where you get to see the widest range of rituals with each of them having a vital reason of it’ own. The advent of several online hubs and portals have made it easier for people to get hold of divine gifts and other accessories required for getting the rituals of a marriage completed.

The best thing about a Hindu marriage is that the rituals continue all the way to the day when the bride enters her in laws house and even after that. One of the most vital ritual that is carried out on the day a girl first enters her new house is that of pushing the kalash or a pot filled with rice before she steps in. But have you ever wondered or given a thought as to why this ritual is carried out?

Reason behind the Kalash ritual after marriage

It is a known fact that a kalash is a very important vessel or puja instrument that is used in almost all rituals. A woman or a bride in particular is said to be an incarnation of Lakshmi who is bound to bring in wealth and prosperity within the household after her marriage. The significance of the bride pushing a kalash inside the house is a symbol of her letting in prosperity, wealth and good luck within the household.

Rice is an ingredient that is considered to be very auspicious and is used in almost all holy ceremonies. The members of the in laws house place a pot completely filled with rice right in front of the door. The fact that the pot is completely filed with rice signifies the abundance of wealth that the new bride is expected to bring within the house.

A similar custom followed after marriage

Alike the rice ceremony, there is another ritual that is carried out by Hindus after marriage. A vessel basically made out of silver is filled with a mixture of water and vermillion and is placed on the doorstep of the house during the griha pravesh puja. The bride dips her feet in the water and enters the house. The imprints left by the bride’s feet is said to signify the entrance of Goddess Lakshmi.

Grandeur is the term used for ceremonies carried out during Hindu marriages. With an unparalleled level of happiness the rituals are indeed a feast for ones eye!

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