The Vital Hawan Samagri And Their Importance In the Auspicious Pooja

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A hawan is a religious ceremony where devotees pray to the Fire God, Agni, by offering him divine gifts and essential pooja samagris. Here is a list of the vital elements for the puja.

A Homa or a hawan is a fire ritual arrange on special occasions. This is common among the Hindus. Hawans are mainly ritualistic worshipping of the Almighty. 

At the start of the hawan, the Pandit Ji conducting the ceremony performs a sermon and arranges for the puja with premium puja samagris. According to the ancient Vedas, hawans consist of offering ghee and other sacred puja kits into the fire. The fire here represents Agni dev who accepts the offering if you have a clean heart and a pure soul. 

1. Benefits of Conducting Hawan:

  • Helps in purifying the surrounding air and also, paves way for a clean environment
  • The devotees performing the Hawan receive mental and also, psychological peace
  • It imprints divine and positive thoughts in everyone’s mind 
  • Hawans also called  the killer of sins, help the performer to stay away from negativities 
  • The mantras chanted during hawan heals a grieving heart and instills confidence
  • The smoke from the fire puts an end to all the microbes and pollutants present in the air
  • Purification of soul and re-energizing oneself are the benefits of performing a Hawan
  • There are therapeutic benefits of the ingredients added to the Hawan as well.

2. The Samagris Used In Hawan Are:

  • Kumkum or Roli: More commonly known in English as vermillion, Roli is actually a turmeric powder that gains its red color from slaked lime mixed with water. With this paste, panditji marks a tilak on the holy puja items using the right-hand thumb or third finger. 
  • Agarbatti: It is one of the most important puja samagris, that finds use in every religious ritual. When lightened, the aroma and pleasant fragrance of the agarbatti relaxes the mind and soothes the body. Moreover, agarbattis and incense sticks have symbolic meaning. As the religion is sunk in honoring sacrifices, the part played by an incense stick is the same. It burns itself completely for the betterment of the premises around it.
  • Kalash: An important addition to every puja and ritual, each part of the Kalash presented has a different meaning. The circular portion of the pot represents fertility, the coconut on top of the Kalash is a symbol of abundance. 
  • Pili Sarso: Also known as yellow mustard seeds, it signifies the destruction of enemies and removal of obstacles. An important samagri without which it is impossible to conduct Kali, and also, Durga hawan or puja. 

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