What is Sudarshana Homam? Here’s All About it

hawan samagri buy onlinePeople perform so many pujas and havans to bring peace and prosperity to home. Sudarshan Homam is one such pious and powerful ritual. Here’s all about it.

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What is Sudarshana Homam?

Sudarshana Homam is one of the potent vedic rituals that involves the blessings of the main deity that is Lord Sudarshana, to destroy the emenies, to give protection from the evil spells, to prevent from injuries and accidents, and to heal from any serious health condition.

Who is Lord Sudarshana?

Lord Sudarshana is the divine manifestation of Sudarshana Chakram of Lord Vishnu. He wielded his Chakram for demolishing the evil and establishing righteousness.

What are the Benefits of Performing Sudarshana Homam?

  • Bestows Religious Progress: – Sudarshana means the holy vsion. Permorning this ritual will help in gaining the spiritual vision of Lord Vishnu that can be generally gained only after every earthly desire gets fulfilled.
  • Fast Relief from Health Diseases and Also Prevention from Accidents: – Sudarshan Chakram is believed to have the power of healing several health diseases soon. There are many stories in the vedas and upanishads that have proved the power of this ritual in healing and preventing from diseases and injuries.

Ideal Days for Conducting this Homam:-

Sudarshana homam can be the most effective when performed on days like ekadashi, dwadashi, and purnima. Days like Saturday and Wednesday is the best for this ritual.

What are the Samagris you Need for this Homam?

You will need haldi powder, kumkum, dry haldi sticks, sandal powder, betel nuts, betel leaves, incense sticks, match box, camphor, ghee, pancha deepam oil, coins, akshatha or rice grains, rice powder, honey, holy threads, and the holy piece of cloth.

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