Why Should You Perform Puja? Its Benefits & Religious Importance

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Understand the importance of performing puja and what it actually stands for in Hinduism. Shop God photo frames, religious items, and divine gifts from PujaShoppe.

Puja is the ceremonial worshipping of the divine power with spiritual items and puja kits. It can be a daily brief ritual at home or an elaborate procedure at temples and mandirs. In Sanskrit, the word puja means honor, reverence, and homage. Indians perform puja as a loving offering of light, flowers, water, and food to their Gods and Goddess to grant their blessings in the course of life’s journey. 

According to traditions and beliefs awakening the Gods and Goddesses form the very basis of beginning the worshipping. For the worshipper, the divine is visible through the images and idols. There are five major senses that are important in a puja. These are sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound.  The brass puja thali includes various items of religious significance like a diva lamp, an incense burner, a bell,  a pot of kumkum powder along with a separate plate consisting of food and water.                      

1. Importance Of Puja In Hinduism:-

The act of daily puja is a kind of sacrifice of one’s whole existence from the body to mind to God as a mark of devotion. Hinduism developed from the Vedic religion and there is a mention of multiple Gods and Goddesses. The earliest Gods that people started to worship was The Trinity- Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. From that time onwards puja became a fulfillment of human desires, wishes, wants and freedom from suffering, oppression. Yagya is an elaborate part of a puja practiced for a certain purpose and is a common ritual to this day. 

2. How To Perform Puja Vidhi On A Daily Basis?

In a puja ceremony, we use essential puja kits, objects, mantras, and also, spiritual methods if appeasing the Almighty. It helps to establish a divine connection with him and also, earn his grace. The common ways of conducting daily puja are:

  • Every puja however big or small should be conducted with faith and sincerity in heart and not mechanically. There should not be any greed or personal gain behind the motive of puja. Devotees should always harbor feelings of love, brotherhood, and also, devotion. 
  • After taking a morning bath and also, changing into clean clothes, apply sandalwood paste to the deity. After this offer kumkum and also, haldi at the feet of the deity. Also, offer natural flowers that are significant to each deity. Stay away from artificial flowers. 
  • Light a candle or a diya when worshipping the Almighty and also burn incense sticks. This will make the atmosphere more serene and also, peaceful.
  • Prepare Naivedya with sattvic substances and it should be served on a banana leaf. Chant the mantras and pray to the Lord with concentration asking him for showering his grace and also, blessings.  

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