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Talking of pujas there are some that are celebrated with much merry making while some that are celebrated at a much grounded note. Kurma Jayanti is one fiesta that is carried out in a quieter note by a certain section of the Hindu masses. Commoners Buy Puja Thalis as per their preferences and make offerings to Lord Vishnu all through the day.

The story behind the celebration:

Kurma Jayanti is a celebration of the advent of Lord Vishnu in the tortoise avatar. Mythology has it that Lord Vishnu emerged in the form of a large tortoise during the ‘Samudra Manthan’, when the great ‘Madaranchal Parvat’ that was used to churn the oceans, began sinking within the depth of the ocean. It is through the help of the tortoise that the ‘devatas’ were able to extract the precious gems along with the much desired ‘amrit’ or the elixir of life. This is what makes the occasion highly auspicious among the Hindu clan. Apart from its mythological importance, Kurma Jayanti has managed to find an important place in the vastu shastra thereby making it an auspicious day for shifting residences or initiating construction work.

Rituals performed through the day:

The rituals related to Kurma Jayanti begin right from the night before. Devotees observe a complete fast from the night before all through the next day. This is followed by a night long recitation of the Vishnu Sahasranaam along with other related Vedic chants. Offerings are made to Lord Vishnu where after devotees seek divine blessings to remove all difficulties or obstacles that come their way and establishing a rule of prosperity and happiness in their lives. The rituals generally end with a ‘Brahmin Bhoj’ where a certain number of Brahmins are fed. Devotees carry out a bit of charitable work in the form of donations like food, clothes or money keeping in par with their financial capacity.

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