Celebrate A Safe and Eco-Friendly Holi with these Few Tips


With Holi around the corner, let us take a pledge to celebrate a safe and eco-friendly Holi. Read this blog to know more.

It is the season of the most colourful festival in India- Holi. This festival is all about getting immersed in bright, vibrant colours and expressing our love to one another. People all over the country celebrate it grandly. Holi marks the celebration of triumph over evil. Holi helps us realize the power of truth and good. People also worship Radha and Krishna on this day by purchasing puja kits online

Holi is a very important festival in our lives. While Holi is all about colours we also need to take care of our environment. Chemical-laden colours can cause great harm to the environment. That is why we should always celebrate this festival of colours in an eco-friendly way so that the colours of our nature also stay safe. It will not lessen the fun of your celebration but will double your joy. Here are a few ways which will help you celebrate an eco-friendly Holi. 

Protect the Environment with Eco-Friendly Holi:

Natural Colours:-

The best way to celebrate the festival of colours is by playing Holi with natural colours. You can make your own colours with simple natural ingredients that are available in your home. You can find the process to make such colours by browsing through the internet. Natural colours are also available in stores. Natural colours are harmless both for the skin and the environment- thereby, you can wash them easily as well. One can find natural colours from Puja Items Store Online In India.

Don’t Use Water Balloons or Plastic Bags:-

Many people enjoy playing Holi by filling up balloons with coloured water and throwing them at people. This is extremely harmful both for the human body and the environment. It is also very painful. So, this year let us take a pledge to avoid playing with water balloons or plastic bags. Get puja samagri online at an affordable price.

Play A Dry Holi:

Everyone enjoys playing Holi with Pichkaris. If you have Pichkaris from previous years then reuse them. Avoid buying new Pichkaris as they are made up of plastic and they cannot be recycled. Plastic waste causes great harm to the environments. Also, playing with water results in a lot of wastage. We should not waste water by any means. Therefore, try to celebrate a dry Holi with Gulal and powder colours. This will help us protect the beautiful environment from further damages.

Celebrate It with Flowers:-

The most graceful way to celebrate Holi is worshipping Radha-Krishna with the necessary puja thali items by purchasing them from puja samagri store in India. After the puja, dress yourselves like Radha and Krishna and play Holi with flowers. Sing and dance all around. This will provide you with twice the fun to enjoy the spirit of Holi. 

These are some proper ways which will help you celebrate an eco-friendly Holi without cutting out on the fun. If you want to get pooja things online, type Indian puja samagri/ saman/  item store shop near me or visit the website of Pujashoppe and shop from the best. They are India’s best spiritual and divine store. Wishing You A Happy Holi in advance. 

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