The Bright and Vibrant Festival of Dol Purnima in Bengal


In Bengal, we celebrate Dol-Purnima. Nothing is as colourful and vibrant as this festival. Read to know more about Dol-Purnima.

People all across the country celebrate Holi. But, do you know that in Bengal the festival of Holi is known as Dol-Jatra or Dol-Purnima?  People in West Bengal celebrate this festival of Dolyatra with grandeur and pride. It may be the festival of colours for the rest of the country but it is way more than that to the people of Bengal. According to the Bengali calendar, it is the last festival of the year. That is why it gains special importance in the lives of people here. You need the proper puja samagris to celebrate this auspicious occasion of Dol-Purnima.

The Bengali people start this festival by worshipping Radha-Krishna with pooja items online in India. You need to pray to them with dedication and from the core of your heart. That is why you need to buy Indian puja saman appropriately. The premium puja kits are available at affordable prices from puja items store.  If you are running out of time to prepare for the festival then you can do puja shopping online. Preparing a thali for this festival is important.  So, get Indian puja thali items and decorate them beautifully in a thali. You can do pooja samagri online shopping from puja thali items stores. 

The Celebrations of Dol-Purnima:

The celebrations begin by worshipping Radha and Krishna. This festival is celebrated grandly in places like Brindaban, Mathura and Shantiniketan. Dol-Purnima is the main festival for these areas. Bhajans and Kirtans are also performed. After the ritualistic traditions, people play with colours and the whole atmosphere turns bright and vibrant.

The Traditions:

  • In Bengal, we term the colour powder mostly as “Abeer”
  • School, colleges and shops remain shut on that day. Everyone immerses in the spirit of this festival. 
  • According to tradition, we apply “Abeer” on the pictures of our late relatives. Then put on the feet of elders and tika on young. 
  • After these, the colour just starts flying and you will see different shades on that day. 

Other than Bengal, every state like Delhi celebrates Holi. If you are a Bengali residing in Delhi, then you can do puja shopping in Delhi and celebrate this grand festival. 

We also term Dol-Jatra as the Swing Festival because in some places, the place the idols of Radha-Krishna on a palanquin or swing which is decorated beautifully. They take these palanquins around the city and take turns to swing them. Women dance and sing devotional songs in the spirit of this festival.

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