Effective Vastu Tips for Your New Shop


Shop is the most important part of any individual whose life and career is dependent on it. But why it is so that many shops or showrooms are more popular and attract lots of consumers, whereas some shops do not perform at all despite having a promotional concept? Many people relate this to the nature of the shop owner or the skills required for sales, however, in reality, it has a lot to do with Vastu. With right Vastu, you can attract lots of opportunities in terms of business and consumers. If you are setting any new shop, then it is indeed a best time to buy Vastu products online for your shop. Here are some Vastu tips to consider for your new shop or showroom-

  • Burn incense sticks and light a lamp every morning. This should be the first things you should do every day after opening the shop.
  • Place symbols of swastik anywhere in the shop. Make sure that riddhi siddhi or shubh labh are written on it.
  • The cashier should sit in the south-east direction.
  • Shop owner should avoid sitting facing south or west direction. Instead, he or she should sit facing north or east direction.
  • Make sure that locker is never empty.
  • Cash box should be kept in the north direction.
  • The products which are much higher in demand should be kept in north-west direction.
  • Keep furniture toward the south-west direction of the shop.
  • Make sure that north-east area of the shop is clean and empty. If you have to keep something, then a fountain would be your best bet. It will help ensure the flow of money.
  • There should be no open drain near to your shop, it will cause a loss of money.
  • Keep the entrance clean, nothing should obstruct the visitors. It might distract them from making purchases from your shop.
  • Any slope toward the entrance of the shop is considered inauspicious for your business. So make sure there is none.
  • Keep the shape of your shop to be rectangular or square-shaped. Any other shape will bring a lot of bad luck to your life.
  • Place decorative plants in the north and east direction of your shop’s premises.
  • Make sure that the doors of the shop should open toward the right side and only toward inside.
  • Install TV toward the southeast corner of your shop.
  • Keep heavier items like a refrigerator in the southwest direction of your shop.
  • Place the deity of Lord Ganesha or Goddess Lakshmi in the northeast corner of the shop.

Vastu consultation of shop involves the direction and placement of AC, audio system, stairs, safe, goods for sale, owner, cashier, slope, basement, beams, windows, entrance and proper location of the shop and showroom. Follow these Vastu tips and you are sure to get desired results for your shop. Apart from Vastu, you can also take help from online daily horoscope and keep your shop updated with daily requirements. It will also help in making your shop prosper and efficacious.

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