Grandeur and Piousness Is What Signifies the Divine Janmastami


The auspicious occasion of Janmastami is celebrated as a commemoration of the eight incarnation of Lord Vishnu on the earth. The day chosen for the celebration is the eight day of the religious month of Krishna Paksha of the Shravaana Maas. Devotees from all across the globe celebrate the occasion with puja essentials that often include adorable articles like a Bal Gopal dress and a few others that are used decorate the Lord usually placed in a jhoola.

The purpose of the Lord’s incarnation was to rid the world of all evil and demonic forces and help establish a religious values on earth.

The legend behind it all

Legend states that Shri Krishna was the eight child born to the great Devaki and Vasudeva in Mathura. Kansa, the evil king of Mathura has been prophesised that he would be killed by the eighth child of Devaki and therefore he ensured the fact that all the other children were killed mercilessly right after their birth. However, being the divine Lord, Vishnu aided his father Vasudeva to cross the mighty Yamuna River and leave him in Gokul. Coming in face with the fact that his death threat was still alive in Gokul, Kansa began meting out a number of atrocities on the inhabitants of the land. It was years after that Lord Krishna finally brought an end to the evil king and rescued humanity from his demonic clutches.

The celebration of the pious festival

The Janmastami celebrations begin right form the dawn in case of the Vaishnava temples. The celebrations and religious activities last for the entire day right up to the moment when the Lord took his human form and descended on the Earth. The figurine of Lord Krishna is draped in new clothes and decorated with jewels all over. The entire celebration of the pious occasion revolves around the japa or the private prayer carried out by the devotees while commemorating the name of the Lord and the kirtans. Kirtans are usually songs sung in the name of the divine Lord by the devotees in chorus all along. As the midnight dawns, eager masses of devotees are finally allowed to get a sight of the newly dressed Lord. Devotees often get hold of mesmerising figurines like a Teracotta Ladoo Gopal silver Plated to establish within their homes during the celebrations.

The celebration of Janmastami has transformed into an age old ritual that has eventually taken the shape of a festival in certain regions of the sub-continent. Amidst the pious rituals and pujas, the festivity has managed to spread bouts of happiness all around.

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