Is Buying Puja Samagri Online The Modern Take On Ethnicity?

puja samagri online

Times are changing and so are family structures and values. Gone are the days when large joint families basked in each other’s company and celebrated festivals with great pomp and ceremony. The pressure of earning a living has brought the next generation out of this loving environment and forced them to live in far off cities all alone. These youngsters may have the yearning to conduct puja at their homes but find themselves too busy or too ignorant to do so.

The advent of the concept of arranging the puja online has brought relief to this generation. They now buy mala &beads online to fulfil their needs. The ease of buying puja samagri online has led to an increasing number of youngsters starting to return to their roots. They conveniently order their stuff online, maybe even book a reliable pandit online and relax. It eases their conscience that they are not ignoring their religious beliefs. The ingrained belief that puja is the way forward to spiritual upliftment is assuaged with great convenience.

Are the elderly also attuned to online puja?

The children are moving away to seek jobs and livelihood. Elderly parents are too infirm to access the local market. Relief is available in the form of online shopping. It is so easy to teach your parents the process of shopping online. It is a good idea to take the time and patience to make them internet friendly. Not only will they be in engaged with social media, but will also be able to buy essentials without stepping out of their homes. They can buy mala & beads as per their convenience and choice by just clicking on a button.

The availability of all your puja essentials online has made a huge difference to the social life of the elderly. Once they are familiar with the technology they do not hesitate to organize puja at home like before. Life becomes more entertaining and fulfilling, the isolation caused by physical limitations no longer matters.

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