How to Observe the Holy Ritual of Vat Savitri Vrat

Vat Savitri Vrat

Vat Poornima is the time for Vat Savitri Puja which you can do with puja kits online which include simple samagris. Here’s all about Vat Savitri Vrat.

Vat Savitri Vrat celebrations take place on Vat Savitri Poornima every year in the summer season. This is a special period of fasting and prayers by married women who pray for the long life and welfare of their partner. It takes place on Trayodashi day, according to the Indian calendar, in the month of Jyestha and the vrat completes on the day of Poornima. Though the original ritual requires fasting on all the days, most women these days keep fast only on Poornima. This ritual follows the mythological tale of Satyavan and Savitri where Savitri fasts and prays to bring her husband Satyavaan back from death. You can do this puja by purchasing simple puja kits store and performing all the rituals with devotion.

About Vat Savitri Poornima:-

  • For this pooja you need very simple items and these pooja items you can mostly get through online puja samagri at a very reasonable cost. You can also procure these from a good puja samagri store in India at low prices.
  • In this puja the main element of worship is the Banyan tree which plays a crucial role in Vat Savitri puja. It represents all three Gods – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.
  • For this Vrat, if you are observing fast then you can begin on the morning of Trayodashi. On this day, get up early in the morning. Then you apply a paste of amla and gingelly before taking a bath. After taking a bath, wear your bridal dress and dress up like a new bride. You can follow up by arranging your puja thali items which you have got from pooja stores in proper order. Also, include kumkum, Roli, Bail, Akshat, lamp, flowers in your Thaali. 
  • You need to encircle the Banyan tree with Thaali in hand and you need to chant your prayers while doing so. One of the main features of the puja is tying yellow and red cotton thread to the tree.
  • On the days prior to the pooja, you can have simple things like fruits as food. On vat Purnima you need to observe a fast. You can break the fast only after you have offered water to the moon. While doing this you also need to offer your prayers to Savitri – seeking her blessings for your husband.
  • One good day to observe the day is listening to Savitri Satyavan Katha. Another important feature of the day is offering money to the needy. 

This is a special vrat of married women and brings happiness and bliss in marital life. All you need to do is to observe the rituals with devotion in your heart.  You can get most of the puja samagri online at a reasonable cost. For the best pooja samagri online shopping also, you can check at the site of Pujashoppe.

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