Puja to Remove the Effects of Black Magic

puja samagri onlineBlack magic is a dark form of magic which is done with the help of evil forces for selfish reasons. This magic is vicious and quite powerful. Black magic can cause the destruction of a person’s life, career, business, etc. Sometimes, when black magic is performed, it can also lead to serious mental health.

What are the Symptoms of Black Magic?

Weight Loss, Headaches, Blindness, Seizures, changes in appearance, Depression, Insomnia, Feeling Negative, Bad Breath, bad body Odor, excessive tears, Emotional imbalance, Miscarriage, unable to Menstruate, change in Voice, etc.

Effective Mantras to Remove Black Magic: 

Lord Shiva Mantra 

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe

Sughandim Pushti-vardhanam

Urva Rukamiva Bandhanan

Mrityurmukshiya Mamritat

How to Chant this Mantra?

This is the Maha Mrityunjaay mantra. It is So powerful that it can easily get rid of all the evil and black magic, bringing you peace and harmony. You must recite this mantra for 108 times every day and you can increase the count if you want.

You must also take ‘Bilva Patra’ to a Shiva temple and put it on the Shiv Ling. Pour water on the Ling and chant this mantra for 9 times. You must do this on every Monday. You will start noticing the results in 7 days.

Maha Kali Mantra

Om Krim Krim Krim KaliKaye Klim Klim Klim

Sarva Shatrunaam Praharya Bhanjyaa Marya Visfotyaa

Klim Klim Klim Krim Krim Krim Phaat Swaha

How to Chant this Mantra?

Place a picture of Maha Kali or Kali Yantra in front of you. Light a fire and offer Black Pepper Seeds, Yellow Mustard Seeds, and Black Sesame Seeds to the Fire. Chant the Mantra with complete sincerity. Do it for 30 minutes every day. You must do this for at least a minimum of 7 days.

Ganapati Mantra

Soham Chieta Chieta Pravrute Guru Ram

Chatushte Hreem Kleem Kurmaste”

“Ganesh Ganamam Tada Kraya Safalam”

How to Chant this Mantra?

This mantra should be performed alone. Before beginning, you must apply sandalwood powder on your chest and arms. Chant the first Mantra for 51 times and the second one for 108 times. You must do it for at least 21 days.

Other Ways to Get rid of Black Magic:

• Ask your Priest to give you a powerful amulet which you can wear all the time. Keeping amulets close by can help you protect yourself.

• Take a bath in Sacred herbs to cleanse your mind, body, and spirit. For this cleansing bath, you will need; Salt, Hyssop, tulsi leaves, Mug wort, Patchouli, Vetiver, Wormwood. Put all of these ingredients in your bath tub with hot water and take a Long Soak.

• Burn Sage Leaves in your Home.

• Perform a Cleaning Havan with the help of a Priest.

•  Every evening during the Sunset, Chant the ‘Gayatri Mantra’ for 108 times.

•  Burn the Gugal dhoop after placing it on the Cow dung to Remove the effects of Black Magic.

• Read Hanuman Asthak Regularly.

• Wear Black Tourmaline. This absorbs all the negative forces. So, wash it Regularly.

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