The Benefits and Significance of Reciting Puja Mantras Every Day

Puja Mantras

Increase your knowledge about the basic puja mantras that you should chant when observing daily puja at home. Keep your puja samagri arranged prior to starting the puja.

Performing puja everyday grants us inner peace, makes our mind tranquil, and instills our faith in divine power. It is the ceremonial worship of the Almighty with puja kits, puja thali items, and divine gifts. This practice of daily honoring the Lord establishes an unbreakable bond of trust, faith, love, and also respect between the divine spirit and us. 

Puja rituals vary according to caste, creed, religion, and occasion. Each person has a separate belief and worships different deities. While some indulge in periodic puja rituals, there are others who are a firm follower of Nitya puja. 

Most Popular Puja Mantra for Daily Jaap:-

Monday: ‘Om Namah Shivaay’

Devotees chant this mantra in the honor of Lord Shiva. It infuses positive energies in you and discards all the negative thoughts from your mind. Also, it gives you the strength and zeal to follow the righteous path of life. 

Tuesday: ‘ Shree Hanumate Namah’

Chanted by devotees in the honor of Lord Hanuman. It is one of the most powerful mantras for success. If you chant this Chantra every day it will remove all life’s obstacles and problems. Additionally, it grants you physical strength, power, and stamina. 

Wednesday: ‘ Om Gan Ganpataye Namah’

Devotees chant this mantra in the honor of Lord Ganesha. The reason why every devotee should chant this mantra is it frees them from life’s obstacles and hurdles. Chanting this mantra also shows your devotion to Lord Ganesha.

Thursday: ‘Om  Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya’

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, this mantra provides spiritual guidance for you to attain freedom or Raksha from the eternal cycle of life and death. Chanting this mantra twice a day, 108 times grant you eternal peace and also, solitude. 

Friday: ‘Om Shri Durgaye Namah’

This mantra honors the powerful warrior Goddess Durga. Reciting this spiritual mantra with complete devotion, faith and belief will protect you from harm and also, evil. Devi Durga bestows her devotees all the wisdom, well-being, and prosperity. 

Saturday: ‘Om Sham Shanicharaya Namah’

Dedicated to Lord Shani, this is known as the Shani Mahamantra. According to belief,  Lord Shani’s evil eye can bring misfortune in one’s life. Hence chanting this powerful mantra on Saturdays will please the Lord and keep you away from the malefic forces of the universe. 

Sunday: ‘Om Shri Suryaya Namah’

By chanting this mantra you can urge Surya God to grant you light, to remove all the darkness from your path, and bring harmony in body, breath, and the mind. 


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