The South Indian Carnival Called Onam – The Harvest Festival !


People celebrate the Onam festival with great happiness, enthusiasm and joy. They buy online puja samagri from the pooja items store in India.

The Onam festival or Thiruvonam is one of the most popular festivals of South India. The festival follows the chant of “vasudhaiva kutumbakam” – the world is one family. The occasion gets widely celebrated in the land of ‘kera’ or coconuts (Kerela). This state is a beautiful amalgamation of coconut palms, magical showers in the monsoon and silent sun-bleached valleys. The Onam festival is celebrated between August to September, falling on the 22nd Nakshatra Thiruvonam according to the Chingam which is the Malayalam calendar. The entire state bursts into a festive mood throughout the stretch of 10 days. The puranic legends say that the fundamental reason behind the celebration of the festival with online puja samagri is to commemorate King Mahabali.

People refer to Onam as Sravanmahotsav. Each day of the Onam festival gets a specific name, and people celebrate it with Indian pooja items. In this crop harvest festival, the eve begins with high spirited events like boat races, feasting, songs, dances, and merriment.

What does the word Onam Mean?

The word Onam comes from the Sanskrit word “Shravanam,” which refers to the 27 Nakshatras or constellations in Sanskrit. In South India, Thiru signifies everything associated with Lord Vishnu. The Thiruvonam is supposed to be the nakshatra of Lord Vishnu. The myth of King Mahabali is vital to this festival as his holy sacrifice stood true to his words. This is why the people of Kerela remember him with such wholeheartedness and conduct this festival with puja samagri.

The Festival Vidhi or Custom:-

It begins with the ritualistic ceremony of laying of a flower carpet in the front of every doorway, known as Pookalam. This is a welcome gesture, meant for the advent of the defeated king for this ceremony. You need to place earthen mounds representing King Mahabali and God Vishnu in the courtyards of the houses plastered with cow dung. All this can be bought from the pooja samagri shop online. Another popular traditional ritual is Sandhya, where people prepare a grand, lavish feast. People deck up in new, bright clothes, make home-cooked delicacies placed on plantain leaves and prepare aromatic sweets.

After buying from the pooja items store in India, people go out to see long and spectacular parades of caparisoned and decorated elephants. This happens along with sparkling fireworks and the mesmerizing Kathakali dance – proudly associated with Onam. Amidst these many cultural events and carnivals, people continue to honour their state as “God’s Own Country.”

People also arrange a grand boat race known as Vallamkali, in which hundreds of oarsmen participate to row the traditional long boats, along with the soothing rhythms like that of cymbals and drums. Referred to as Snake Boats or Chundans, they have long sterns and hulls which resemble the head of a cobra snake. This happens after puja items online shopping.

The days of this Festival have Different Names and Associations:-

  • Atham
  • Chithira
  • Chodi
  • Vishakam
  • Anizham
  • Thriketa
  • Moolam
  • Pooradam
  • Uthradom
  • Thiruvonam

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