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Nag Panchami is just around the corner. Update yourself with the knowledge regarding this pious ritual. Celebrate with puja samagri online from puja shops near you.

Indian rituals and festivals are extremely diverse and vary across great lengths. From North to South, East to West the variation of adhering to different beliefs and customs is vivid. But the common thread is, the dedication is real and there is an urge to worship the Lord with best quality puja items, puja things, puja kits, puja thali items. 

The auspicious occasion of Nag Panchami falls in the month of August according to the English calendar. More specifically, people celebrate it on Shukla Paksha Panchami of the Shravan month. Usually, on the 5th day after Amavasya, the occasion takes place. 

Significance of Nag Panchami:-

This day is dedicated to the worshipping of Nag Devta or the snake God. Also, in India, worshipping of snakes is done with high regard. From Lord Shiva to Lord Vishnu, their association with snakes is not unknown. Devotees make arrangements of separate prayers and competitions especially, in southern India.  It is one of the oldest festivals and is celebrated to this day with utmost reverence. Also, by shopping puja samagri from puja items online stores in Delhi, you get all your essential puja items delivered at your doorstep. 

One of the most widely accepted facts is by praying to the Nag Devta you can get rid of ‘Kalsarpa Dosha’. Kala Sarpa dosha occurs due to the adverse effect of killing a snake previously and it brings all kinds of negativities in your life. Hence, praying to the snake Gods relieves you from all such negative energies, so that you can peacefully lead life. 

Auspicious timings of Nag Panchami:-

  • Panchami tithi starts from 2.34 pm on July 24th
  • Also, Panchami Tithi ends at 12.02 pm on July 25th.

Rituals and Puja Performed:-

According to old beliefs, the dwelling place of all the snakes is ‘Patalok’. Hence people keep away from any type of plowing in the fields.  This is to ensure that the snakes residing underground are safe and they do not face any harm.

  1. Devotees offer milk to the Nag devta as a part of the holy ritual.
  2. Some devotees offer food to the poor and underprivileged
  3. Fasting and keeping vrats are quite common on this day. Fasting begins early morning before sunrise. Only after performing the puja, devotees break their fast after sunset by having some dessert-like kheer. 
  4. Hence, women perform extensive prayers for the well-being of the entire family and their safety. 

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