Know-How Spirituality Differs from Religion & Their Significances

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Spirituality and religion may seem interlinked in plain sight. But there lies a lot of similarities between the two. To know more, continue reading this blog.

Religion and spirituality play a crucial role in Indian culture. Every morning or during the length of the day, Hindus perform puja with puja items, puja things, puja thali items, and puja kits online. It is a part of their tradition to worship the Lord before commencing the day. 

Religion is the belief in a supernatural power or a superhuman who is skilled to control the universe and its entities. It is the practice of establishing a bond between the mortal and the supernatural world. In a deeper sense, religion is a  socio-cultural system highlighted by customs, rituals, behavior, and principles. 

Spirituality, on the other hand, connects to your inner self. The act of finding your soul and raising it above worldliness, materialistic things are the main mantras of spirituality. It drives in you a sense of purpose and instills calmness.  Both religion and spirituality have a common thread that teaches man to lead a meaningful life. However, there is an underlining difference. Let us take a closer look at the details. 

So, How is ‘Spirituality’ Different from ‘Religion’?

Religion is a set of practices, rules, definitions, that are common to a particular community. It builds a relationship with the Almighty. However, you might lose your own self in the longer run. The common focus of religion is on the superpower. Everything revolves around the belief of expressing gratitude to the Lord. This you can attain by doing puja and yagyas, performing religious festivals, and keeping vrats. For making your religious journey a success, you can shop puja samagri, God photo frames from puja stores online in India. 

Spirituality differs from religion as the former promotes individual autonomy over a set of rules and customs. It frees your mind and soul from cynicism, skepticism, and materialistic pleasures. Spirituality focuses on your “karma” that is your actions. 

  • Religion is an institution that places God before you. Spirituality is a journey that inspires you to reason and rationalize. 
  • Religion wants to give you security and tries to comfort you. While spirituality frees and liberates you. 
  • It’s asking you to sacrifice your present devotion for a secure future, free of wealth and riches. Spirituality wants you to let go of attachments, personal, or professional for a better present.

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Life can be full of ups and downs. But you can attain peace and tranquility by keeping faith in religion and understanding spirituality. 

No matter how fast life becomes or what level of success you achieve, our heritage and devotion will bind us to our roots. Thus, puja shopping online from the best puja saman store near you can bring a smile across your face or Visit our website Pujashoppe.

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