What Is The Significance of Guru Ravidas Jayanti? Why Is It Celebrated?

Guru Ravidas Jayanti

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Guru Ravidas Jayanti falls on the full Moon Day in the Hindu month of Magh. This year this auspicious occasion will be celebrated on the 27th of February, 2021. In India, this day is a holiday in states like Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh. For those who are wondering about who this famous personality is, let us clarify. Guru Ravidas was an Indian mystic Poet-Sant of the Bhakti movement. He was also the founder of the Ravidassia religion during the 15th to 16th centuries. Ravidas Jayanti is the day that marks his birth anniversary. On this day his followers and devotees remember his teachings and show their honor with divine gifts. 

Guru Ravidas was a renowned saint in spite of being from a low caste he always upheld the idea of equality. He advised his disciples to stay away from the oppressive caste system as everyone is a child of God. He became an eminent figure in the bhakti movement and also, taught about spirituality. 

The festival holds much importance in northern states and also, devotees celebrate it with extreme joviality in North India. 

1. How Do Followers Celebrate Ravidas Jayanti?

To mark his birthday, all his devoted followers carried his portrait parade in the streets, particularly in Seer Goverdhanpur, which is a focal point for the celebrations. They show their reverence by garlanding his photos encased in 24-carat gold photo frames. They also recite Sikh scriptures, and prayers take place in the temples devoted to Guru Ravidas. Another major event that marks this auspicious celebration is taking a dip in the holy rivers to perform rites. This is a sacred tradition and devotees believe it will help them gain blessings. 

2. What Does Guru Ravidas’ Literature Symbolize?

According to religious gurus, Ravidas’ writings depicted a struggle within the Indian society where he gave his views on a variety of social and also, spiritual themes. At one point he addressed the struggles between the Hindu heterogeneous communities and the orthodox Brahmin tradition. In another of his legends, he speaks about an inter-communal, inter-religious struggle and the importance of social unity. His poetries symbolizes his deep-rooted faith in the Almighty. Ravidas’s ideas belong to the Nirguna philosophy within the Bhakti movement. Today his preachings, legends, and poetries still inspire his devotees. 

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