What is the Significance of Pradosh Vrat?

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Do you know what is Pradosh vrat? What is the importance of this vrat? What are the puja samagris needed for this vrat? Read the blog to know the answers.

Pradosh Vrat, also known as Prasodam in some regions of the country, is performed for worshipping Lord Shiva. Pradosh vrat falls every year on the thirteenth day of the Hindu calendar that is the trayodashi tithi during both Krishna paksh and the Shukla paksh of the month. The word ‘Pradosh’ stands for the time of sunset in the evening. The duration of this vrat is three hours that include one and a half hour before the sunset and one and a half hour after the sun sets. This ritual is performed by the Hindus with all the required puja samagris to complete the vrat with perfection and devotion.

What are the Different Types of Pradosh Vrat?

There are twenty-four types of pradosh vrat performed in a year. This benefit and meaning of all the types differ according to the day in which the vrat is performed. Here are the most important seven types of Pradosh vrats and the significance of all of them.

  • Som Pradosh: – Prdosh vrat that falls on Monday is known as the So Pradosh. It is believed to be one of the most significant vrats among the Hindus. Performing this vrat helps the devotees to attain a hale and hearty life and fulfills the desires of the devotees as well.
  • Bhauma Pradosh: – Pradosh vrat performed on Tuesday is termed as the ‘Bhauma Pradosh’. This ritual helps to improve the health condition of the devotees and bring lot of wealth and prosperity in the life of the devotees.
  • Saumya Vaar Pradosh:- This type of Pradosh vrat is observed on Wednesday. This vrat helps to gain knowledge and also blesses the childless couples with a child. The childless couples can buy the necessary puja items online to perform this vrat on the given day.
  • Guruvaar Pradosh: – This Pradosh vrat is performed on Thursday to seek blessing from the ancestors and for removing the negativities that may come in future.
  • Bhrigu Vaar Pradosh: – Pradosh vrat performed on Friday can bring happiness and success by eradicating the effect of the enemies and the obstacles that come on the way of life.
  • Shaani Pradosh:- This is the most important one among the rest and is also termed as the ‘Maha Pradosh Vrat’. It falls on Saturday and is performed to bring happiness in the life of the married couples and promotion in the professional life.
  • Bhaanu Vaar Vrat: – This type of Pradosh vrat falls on Sunday and is observed for attaining peace and a serene life.

How to Observe Pradosh Vrat?

To perform the vrat in the right way, you should keep fasting for 24 hours without falling asleep. Take bath in the early morning and again an hour before sunset, arrange the Hindu idols and the other samagris properly in the place where you will perform the puja in the evening after sunset, worship the idols of Lord Shiva, Parvati, and Lord Ganesha and then read the story behind this Vrat.

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