Everything You Need to Know About Setting Up Temple at Home

temple at home

Setting up a mandir with puja kits at home requires one to follow some rules. Read this blog to know more about it and set up your own temple.

One can find a mandir for a Hindu deity in every Hindu home. One keeps the idol of their favourite God in this mandir and worship them daily with puja kits online. A murti is a form of an embodiment of a God, usually in the form of a statue. Although there are no set rules in setting up a mandir at home, there are some ritualistic beliefs and Vastu rules which you should follow.

The mandir is a very sacred place, also a very positive and peaceful place where the devotees like to spend most of their time. The Vastu Shastra says that this can bring happiness, health and prosperity in an individual’s life. The temple room is full of positive and divine energy. Before placing the mandir, one should choose the west part of the room. Jupiter is the lord of the north-east, aka “Ishan Kona”. Ishan means Ishwar. The temple along with the pooja items should also be kept there so that it can pull all the powerful energies towards itself. Some also prefer placing the mandir at the centre of the temple which is the Brahmasthan. This area is also very auspicious. 

The construction of the temple should be done using either wood or marble. One should always keep the mandir on the top of a raised platform or a pedestal. One should not make a temple from acrylic or glass. One can always keep multiple idols inside the mandir besides the pooja things bought from the puja samagri store in India. You can keep the statues in both the sitting and standing position. Never keep a photo frame with broken glass or torn pictures.

During any special puja, the entire family should worship together with Puja thali items online. The room should have enough space for everyone to sit down. Mandir should make everyone feel serene and calm. 

Rules to Follow While Decorating:-

  • While lighting up a Diya, always place it on the right side of the person who is worshipping and to the left side of the idol.
  • You should adorn the mandir with fresh and bright flowers. Aroma candles, incense sticks should be lighted, which are available at the puja store online. This makes the ambience very divine and spiritual.
  • One can create a shelf just beside the mandir.
  • After the puja, throw all the ingredients in the dustbin.
  • You should place the temple against the wall, but never under a kitchen platform.
  • One should always place the idol of the Ganesha in the mandir, either brass or crystal.
  • The puja utensils should be of copper, silver or gold. The lamp and ghanta should be of brass material. Place the couch inside the temple as it is very holy.
  • Before doing the puja, one should clean all the idols with a clean cloth.

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