Five Day Diwali Festivity: Significance of Each Day

Diwali Festivity- pujashoppe

Shop Diwali puja kits from the leading online brand and welcome the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Here are some tips to help you celebrate the festival joyously.

On the pious occasion of Diwali, the whole country gets decked up as their descendants a blanket of festive lights and diyas. Everyone indulges in merrymaking, puja shopping online,  burst firecrackers and all the houses exhibit a fun-filled ambiance where everyone enjoys. 

Usually, Diwali falls on the 15th of the Kartik month as per the Hindu calendar and it extends for a period of five days. Each day has its special significance and importance. 

Here Is A Brief Account of the Different Days and Why It Is Popular:-

1. Dhanteras:-

It marks the beginning of the festival and falls on the 13th day of the 2nd half of the lunar month. This day is all about buying precious and semi-precious items. Everyone indulges in buying gold, silver, or new vehicles or some even keep house warming events. Also buying spiritual things like puja thali items, God photo frames, and other essential samagris for puja form an integral part. 

2. Naraka Chaturdasi:-

On this day, Lord Krishna killed the demon Narakasura who was a demon. On this day, people rise up early, bow to Suryanarayan, take birth, wear fresh clothes, and also, start the day harmoniously. 

3. Laxmi Puja:-

Pujas and rituals have always been an indispensable part of Indian culture and heritage. On this day, people pray to Goddess Lakshmi, the divine power of wealth, beauty, prosperity, and also, fortune. Devotees arrange all the puja kits and also samagris, light diyas, and spread love among loved ones. You should get in touch with your panditji to know about the puja timings. 

4. Govardhan Puja:-

This day marks the 4th day of the Diwali festivity. Devotees prepare a sumptuous meal and include vast numbers of vegetarian items for Lord Krishna as a sign of gratitude. He lifted the Govardhan Parvat on his hand to give shelter to the villagers during torrential rain. Thus it is in his honour that this ritual holds significance. 

5. Bhai Dooj:-

The bond between a brother and sister is one of the strongest. Bhai Dooj is all about celebrating this special bond where sisters wish for the longevity of their beloved brothers.

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