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Five Day Diwali Festivity: Significance of Each Day

Diwali Festivity- pujashoppe

Shop Diwali puja kits from the leading online brand and welcome the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Here are some tips to help you celebrate the festival joyously.

On the pious occasion of Diwali, the whole country gets decked up as their descendants a blanket of festive lights and diyas. Everyone indulges in merrymaking, puja shopping online,  burst firecrackers and all the houses exhibit a fun-filled ambiance where everyone enjoys. 

Usually, Diwali falls on the 15th of the Kartik month as per the Hindu calendar and it extends for a period of five days. Each day has its special significance and importance. 

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Online Pandit Booking Service Made Easier With PujaShoppe

Online Pandit Booking

Book online pandits for various rituals and pujas including griha Pravesh, hawans, marriages, etc. Let the skilled pandits guide you in your journey to serve the Lord. 

The word Pandit simply means ‘a priest’ who has extensive knowledge in the field of Hindu philosophy and religion. He is a learned scholar who is well versed in Vedic scriptures, Dharma, and secular subjects. Since the importance of Pandits in day-to-day life is utmost, booking pandits online can save a lot of your time and worry. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Becoming A Pandit

pandit booking online- pujashoppe

Pandits have a special place in Hinduism. If you want to know more about priests and book pandit for all puja services, then read this blog carefully till the end.

One of the largest religions in the world is Hinduism. It is currently in the third position succeeding in Christianity and Islam. The religion of Hinduism surrounds a wide array of deities, practices, beliefs, etc. Besides, there are different categories in Hinduism. These branches or categories also have different opinions about subjects like worship, theism, spirituality, divinity, etc. Nevertheless, which category you belong to, there are five eminent aspects that concern Hindus. These five facets are:

Samsara:- Represents life’s cycle- birth, rebirth, and death.

Karma:- The results of your action.

Dharma:- Your duties and ethics. 

Moksha:- Salvation and spirituality.

Yoga:- Traditions, rituals, customs. 

There are also different leaders in this culture. In this blog, we would learn about the most common leader – Pandit. Every occasion and custom is incomplete without them. Nowadays, you can book pandit for all puja services

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