Embrace the New Normal: Celebrate Dhanteras Puja at Home

Dhanteras Pujashoppe

Escape from the gruesome clutches of Covid-19, stay indoors. Indulge in puja samagri online shopping from the puja saman store. Know how you can celebrate Dhanteras at home.

Diwali is just a week away and we are sure that you all are busy in the preparations. The main attractions of the festival are arranging for puja kits, shopping for new clothes, making beautiful decorations, lip-smacking food, fun-filled gatherings, and parties. However, this year’s story is slightly different. Due to the global pandemic imposed to stop the deadly coronavirus, we have to change our plans for our own good. 

We know that Indian festivals are not only a part of our culture but are mediums to celebrate special bonds with our loved ones. Among the busy daily schedule, it becomes impossible to meet and greet all relatives and friends. Thus celebrations and occasions like Diwali and Dhanteras are the best options to enjoy unanimously. However, the virus has been creating havoc in everyone’s life. Thus, the government is in a bed to ensure public safety, there are restrictions on social gatherings. So, you might miss out on Diwali card parties, exhibitions, and other occasions. 

This year it is very essential to put extra emphasis on social distancing and maintaining hygiene protocols. We know it might dampen your spirits a little but wait you can plan on enjoying Dhanteras and Diwali from home as well. 

How You Can Celebrate Diwali at home:-

1. Shop Online:

We know you have a huge shopping list already ready but stepping out is risky. With brands and businesses taking online orders and even delivering items to your doorstep, you can rest assured. We know Dhanteras, the first day of Diwali usually is incomplete without making new purchases. First fill your cart with essential puja thali items, God photo frames, brass pooja items from the puja samagri store in India

Then move on shopping for your favorite Diwali outfits, decor items, and other items on your shopping list.

2. Plan on An Indoor Party:-

You can deck up your home with beautiful decor, light up diyas, prepare a special meal for your family members at home, and gather around to enjoy. If you are stuck at your hostel, you can enjoy yourself with your roomie. Make rangoli outside your room, make DIY decor, put on some good music, and have an enjoyable time. 

3. Go Digital:

Today with the help of technology, nothing seems impossible. Today the world has become digital which is a great boon to so many of us. You might be living in a different city, away from your family but there is nothing to worry about. You can plan on an impromptu festive music night or games night by connecting with them over video calls. This is going to be a wonderful idea and you all can enjoy and have a great time together, even from different places. 

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