Happy Dussehra 2020: Different Rituals and Customs Practiced

Happy Dussehra- pujashoppe

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The pomp and glory regarding the Navratri festival are going on with full excitement. It commenced on 17th October 2020 and is going to end on 25th October 2020. The nine-day extravaganza includes worshipping of Goddess Durga, Lakshmi, and Goddess Sarawati with full devotion and premium quality puja kits from leading puja saman stores near you. The 10th day is the most important day that marks Vijay Dashami which symbolizes the victory of all the right things over all the wrongdoings. 

India is a diverse country and devotees celebrate this popular festival of Dussehra throughout the country with varying rituals, culture, and practices. 

About Dashami Rituals In Different Regions Of Our Country:-

1. North and West:

Starting from the North,  people fast and organize puja in their homes to worship the divine power of Maa Durga, or most commonly referred to as Shakti. She is the ultimate power of the universe who guides the course of every life on earth. It is from her blessings that we gain our positivity, strength, and also, motivation to strive towards excellence in life. Devotees burn the effigy of Ravana, the demon on the last day. People listen to folklore tales and Ramlila, which depicts the story of Mata Sita and also, Lord Ram. 

2. East:

In the East, Durga puja celebrations prevail that starts off with Mahalaya. The day on which Goddess Durga descends on earth according to Bengali traditions. After 7 days the actual rituals start and in the fun-filled 5 days- Sashti, Saptami, Ashtami, Nabami, and Dashami, the city decks up like a pretty new bride. Devotees wake up early morning to engage in arranging day to day puja rituals. These days it has become easy to get all the essential puja samagris through puja saman online shopping from leading online stores. On the last day, Dashami devotees immerse the idol of Durga Maa in the water praying that next year she returns to her house on earth with double happiness. After the procession of immersion is over, prasads and sweets distribution take place. 

3. South:

Worshipping dolls is a significant ritual of the people in South India. One doll decorated each day in the form of a definite Goddess alights everyone’s house. Children especially take a huge interest in this ritual and they make sure the 9 dolls get dressed beautifully. They organize puja of these dolls and also, enjoy the festivities with much happiness and devotion. 

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