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The eight-day of the dark fortnight in the month of Bhadrapada marks the birth of Lord Krishna. This glorious day is of the high regard in the Vaishnavism tradition of the Hindu culture. Extensive pujas along with singing spiritual hymns in praise of the lord form an important ritual of this festival. For all your spiritual needs you can buy an online puja samagri, bal Gopal gold wall frame, bal Gopal wall hanging frames online, and puja kit at an affordable price. 

Significance of Dahi Handi Festival:-

In Maharashrashtra, Dahi Handi starts every year in the month of August or September.  It is a customary and important tradition. The phrase Dahi Handi literally means yogurt in earthen pots. Everyone knows Lord Krishna’s love for sweets, butter, and other milk products. In his childhood days, his mother, Yashodhara would keep the pots of buttery yogurt hung from the ceiling. Since little Krishna would not be able to steal the yogurt hung high, this was a perfect arrangement. 

In a similar fashion, on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami, the celebration of the Dahi Handi festival commences with full excitement. People hang earthen pots of yogurt with ropes attaching it to tall posts. According to the annual ritual, groups of teenage boys make human pyramids by climbing one above the other. The last person who is actually the peak of the pyramid has the most important duty to break the pot. 

Young girls and people from the community gather around to cheer the participants. All the devotees and enthusiasts perform songs and dances in unison. It is extremely risky but everyone forgets all the pains and risks once the pot is broken. The spilled yogurt from the pot is the prasad and is later distributed among all. 

In Gujarat, devotees celebrate a similar ritual like Dahi Handi with a little twist. Instead of Yogurt, the pots contain Makhan or butter. The auspicious occasion of Janmashtami is of high regard to all the citizens of Dwarka, Gujarat. Along with prayers, devotees perform folk dances, sing hymns, chant mantras, enact skits at various temples. 

Janmashtami Gifts:-

Every celebration brings with itself the custom to give and receive gifts. In the same way, the birth of Lord Krishna is no less an extravagant affair. Thus, among all the rituals, gifts form an important part of the celebration. Going to physical shops is outdated now, since buying puja items online like puja kits, spiritual frames gold plated is quite easy. 

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