Know About the Famous Jivitputrika Vrat, Its Importance & History

Jivitputrika Vrat

Welcome the Jivitputrika or Jitiya Vrat Puja with devotion and divine puja gifts. Understand the significance and importance of such a popular ritual and what is the significance.

The Jivitputrika Vrat concentrates around the sons of the house, for their well-being during the period of Pitru-Paksha. It is mainly practiced by mothers who pray to the Lord Jimutvahana for the longevity of their son’s lives. She also asks the choicest blessings of the Lord for all other family members of the house. She invokes the blessing of the Lord by arranging all the puja things, puja samagri from premium puja samagri stores. 

1. Jivitputrika Vrat: Actual Story:-

Once there was a king named Jimutavahana who was popular among his people. But the king did not like the worldly materialistic pleasures of life. He did not interest in all the wealth or riches he attained in the tenure of his being the king. So, he renounced everything and handed the responsibility of the kingdom to his brothers and left for the jungle. 

While he was traversing in the jungle, he came across a lady who was crying profusely. So, he generously asked the reason for her sorrow. She told him that she belonged to a family of snakes (Nagvanshi) and had only one son. But according to their family oath, every night, the Pakshiraj Garuda would feed on one snake and that night it was her son’s turn to become his food. 

On hearing this Jimutavahana made her stop weeping any further and promised he would bring back her song alive. So, he went to the place where the Garuda would devour the snakes. He laid himself down in place of the old woman’s son, in order to save him. On approaching hin, the Garuda became puzzled. He sensed something was amiss and removed the red cloth that the king covered himself with. 

Garuda asked the king his real identity. Then Jimutavahana narrated the whole story. Garuda was happy and pleased with his bravery and did not kill him. Instead, he promised not to prey on snakes anymore. Thus, the race of snakes did not face any more danger from the Garuda’s clutches.

From then onwards, mothers keep fasts for the welfare of their sons. 

2. Jitiya Vrat Puja Vidhi and Rituals You Should Follow:-

  • The Puja day begins with an early morning bath and the wearing of new, clean clothes. 
  • If a mother wants to keep this Fast, she should not be consuming any food items including water from sunrise till the sunsets.
  • The panditji conducts the rest of the ritual. The ladies gather around and listen to the Jimutvahana Katha in full concentration.
  • The position of the idol of  Lord Jimutvahana made from grass changes from a platform to water. All those who are performing the puja should offer puja thali items like Chandan, bamboo leaves, flowers, and worship the Lord with pua samagris, puja kits bought from an online puja samagri store
  • On the Puja day, the mothers offer oil and Khilli to Lord Jimutvahana and also the female ancestors. This is a way of showing love, gratitude, and respect. 

So, perform the Jivitputrika Vrat by adhering to the puja vidhi and ask the Lord’s blessings for the well-being of your family. Celebrate this auspicious ritual with Pujashoppe divine gift items. Buy gold plated spiritual photo frames, puja saman, and other puja items from here. 

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