Know the Process and Ways to Arrange A Satyanarayan Puja At Home

Satyanarayan Puja

Satyanarayan pooja happens in almost every home. Here’s a blog on how you can arrange a satyanarayan pooja at home with puja thali items.

Satyanarayan Pooja is basically about performing a puja for Lord Satyanarayan or the deity of truth. The importance of this puja is to gather blessings, prosperity, and peace. It also helps you to succeed in your career, personal life like marriage or having a child, etc. If you want to arrange this puja without any mistakes, then you need puja thali items.

Satyanarayan Bhagwan is an esteemed deity in the Hindu religion. He is another incarnation of Vishnu. Innumerable devotees worship him every month. The puja saman for this ceremony is simple to get. You can also get satyanarayan puja samagri online. This puja is held in almost every home. People say that worshipping him will fulfill all your hearts’ desires. You can do pooja samagri online shopping from puja item kits store online in India.

Importance of Worshipping Satyanarayan Bhagwan:-

There are many benefits of worshipping lord Satyanarayana. People say if you do this puja at home, then all the wishes of the devotees will be granted. Praying to him will also bring prosperity and wellness. It gets rid of prying eyes. It also purifies you from your sins of past life. Type puja store near me and get the necessary items. You can also book pandit online for satyanarayan puja in NCR and they will come and do the pooja.

Indian Puja items that are necessary for this puja:-

  • Camphor
  • Diya
  • Agarbattis or incense sticks
  • Candle
  • Havan Kunj
  • Copper Jars and Plates
  • Betel Nuts and leaves –
  • Fruits and dry fruits
  • Tulsi Leaves
  • Puja flowers
  • Kawdi shells
  • uncooked rice

You can get all of these and shop premium puja kits online at a really good price.

The procedures of this Puja are:-

  • Devotees should take a bath and clean themselves early morning before the puja.
  • Do the Sthapna of Ganesha and satyanarayan Bhagwan.
  • Start the pooja with the citation of Ganesha with necessary pooja things.
  • Do the satyanarayan puja with all the pooja items as recommended by the pandit.
  • Read the Katha of Satyanarayana
  • You need to perform a havan.
  • Prepare siddhi and Panjiri.

After all these things are done, the hosts distribute the prasad amongst everyone. Also, those who take part in the puja must keep fast.

This is a complete brief about arranging a satyanarayan pooja at home. You can also get all of your necessary online puja Samagris from Pujashoppe. Search pandit for satyanarayan puja near me and get in touch with one to perform the ceremony.

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