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Celebrate the Occasion of Bhaiya Dooj with Decorative Thali

Bhaiya Dooj

Celebrate the occasion of Bhaiya Dooj with pooja products online and buy puja thali online from the pooja items store in India. For more information, read this blog.

The occasion of Bhaiya Dooj is celebrated with great enthusiasm within the Hindu community. This day marks the significant bond between a brother and a sister, years of them being the best friends to each other. A brother is always supposed to protect her sister from all the evils and dangers of this world. Similarly, this day marks their auspicious relationship- the admirers and protectors of each other, their unconditional love towards each other. People also celebrate this day with online puja items and decorative thali online. Continue reading Celebrate the Occasion of Bhaiya Dooj with Decorative Thali

Puja Samagris Required for Conducting Lord Satyanarayan Puja

satyanarayan puja samagri

Worship of Lord Satyanarayan can bring positive results. The items can be bought through satyanarayan puja samagri online for this purpose. Here’s more on it.

Lord Satyanarayan is a revered God among Hindus. He is yet another form of Lord Vishnu. Every month, thousands of devotees worship him. The samagris for the Puja are simple to procure and may be procured through satyanarayan puja samagri online and the puja may be conducted at home. Worshipped with devotion and with perseverance, it is told that Lord Satyanarayan does not fail his loving devotees.

The Advantages of Worshipping Lord Satyanarayan are many: –

  • The puja conducted at home is known to bring success to the devotees. Those conducting the puja are able to fulfil their desire and their wishes are always fulfilled.
  • Conducting Lord Satyanarayan pooja is known to bring in the overall welfare of a person which is inclusive of his physical and mental health.
  • Doing the pooja with devotion with the right kind of puja samagri helps devotees fulfill their needs and desires for overall improvement in wealth, and prosperity.
  • Worshipping the Lord is known to ward off different kinds of evil, including evil eyes.
  • It is known to remove the sins of the past life.

This puja can be done through online puja samagri which makes procurement easier.

The Steps Involved In the Pooja Include:-

  • Taking a bath early in the morning by those who wish to take part in the pooja
  • Prepare the place of worship through the installation of the image or idol of both Lord Ganesha and Lord Satyanarayan.
  • Begin the pooja with the invocation of Lord Ganesha and offering Modak
  • Perform pooja of Lord Satyanarayan as per vidhi along with aarti and mantra jaap
  • Recite the 271 verses of Satyanarayan Katha
  • Performing Homa specific to the Pooja
  • Prasad Distribution among devotees and visitors. The Prasad for this special occasion is Sinni, prepared with Semolina.

The Prasad for this purpose is special and needs to be distributed among all those who are present at the occasion. Those doing the pooja must keep a fast from dawn till the pooja is completed and Prasad is distributed.

Some of the Pooja Things Required for the Satyanarayan Pooja Include:-

  • Camphor
  • Lamp – Both Oil & Ghee
  • Incense Sticks
  • Bell
  • Conch Shell
  • 2 Jars (copper)
  • 2 Plates (copper)
  • Kumkum powder
  • Turmeric powder
  • Rangoli powder
  • Betel Nuts – 30
  • Betel Leaves- 30
  • Coconuts- 8
  • Almonds- 5
  • Tulsi Leaves -1000
  • Flowers (for offering and garlands)
  • Banana plant (for making canopy)
  • Akshat
  • Raw Rice
  • Panchamritam

All these are important items required for conducting Satyanarayan puja. Performed with devotion, Lord Satyanarayan helps fulfill all wishes and helps the families come out of trouble. All that is needed is true devotion to the Lord and arrangement of the items.

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Important Things to Remember While Doing Lord Shiva Puja


Lord Shiva is favorite of all devotees looking to fulfill their wishes on an instant basis. He is very kind and get impressed really easily. You don’t have to observe fast throughout the year to impress him, you can just pray on Monday and impress him. He will definitely hear you and fulfill your wishes. However, you might have to be careful with all the samagri you need for puja. You can order online puja samagri to ensure that everything is included in it and you can perform puja with complete efficacy. Here are some things you should take care of while offering your puja to Lord Shiva. Continue reading Important Things to Remember While Doing Lord Shiva Puja