Unknown Facts About the Celebration of Pongal


Tamil Nadu celebrates a festival called Pongal. You can celebrate this festival using simple puja items that you can get online. Here’s more about the festival.

Pongal is a special festival in Tamil Nadu. It is mainly a thanksgiving, harvest festival. You can observe Pongal too using simple pooja items procuring it online or from local stores. The festival is a four-day festival that begins with Bhogi Pongal and ends with Kaanum Pongal.

Here are Some Facts You Need to Know About Pongal:-

  • Drawing elaborate kolams or rangoli is an integral part of the festival.  People draw Kolams with the help of Powdered rice mixed with a variety of colors. Colors for Rangoli or Kolam powder are available in puja samagri store in India or you can also get them at online puja samagri stores. 
  • This festival involves mainly the worship of Sun God. It requires very simple puja accessories like lamps which you can obtain from the puja store online at a moderate cost. You can also get them in any puja thali items store in India.
  • For Pongal normally a stove is made with clay and bricks and a pot is tied with the turmeric plant. You have to apply marks of Vibhuti on the pot. You can buy packet Vibhuti from the puja kits store for this purpose.
  • It is the time when all the old clothes, dirt, etc. are burnt as a mark of welcome of the new.
  • During the days of Pongal, family members get up early in the morning, before sunrise and take an oil bath and apply kumkum and Vibhuti. You can procure kumkum from puja shopping online and use.
  • One of the main attractions of the festival is the preparation of the festival. There are two varieties of Pongal – sweet, commonly called Sakkare Pongal and Salt or Venn.  You have to place the Naivedyam of Pongal on five turmeric leaves and offer it to the sun god.
  • You need to boil milk, Rice and, Jaggery in a pot on the specially prepared stove. When the milk boils over, those around shout “Pongalo Pongal” as a mark of prosperity and happiness.

This festival is mostly a celebration that is beyond any religious boundary. Everyone, irrespective of religion, celebrates the festival. You too can celebrate the festival by purchasing puja kits online from a reputable store. You can buy most of the pooja things from Puja Shoppe – one of the best online stores for pooja samagri. Celebrate this festival and invite prosperity to your household.

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