All You Need To Know About Setting Up Your Agarbatti Business


Awakening the Gods and Goddesses forms the very basis of beginning the worshipping. This is where agarbattis,puja kits, and puja thali items are important.

A puja is a religious practice of honoring the Lord with complete devotion. Incense sticks or agarbatti form one of the prime ingredients in establishing the connection between the Almighty and devotees. It also has major demands in aromatherapy and meditation too. Therefore, due to this extensive use and application of agarbattis, it has become a profitable business venture. 

Major Investments:

You can start your agarbatti business from the comfort of your home depending on the scale and also, the expense of your venture. Here are some of the most important investment that you will have to make:

  • Incense sticks machine
  • People to manage incense sticks production and also, distribution
  • Warehousing
  • Sale and Distribution cost
  • Incense sticks raw material
  • A Manufacturing Unit

A-List Of The Raw Materials Required:

  • Sawdust powder, charcoal powder
  • Adhesive gum or joss/tabu etc. made from litsea glutinosa bark
  • White chips
  • Perfumes – made from essential oils and masala
  • Bamboo stick
  • Packing material

Important Machines And Equipment:

  • Wooden planks for rolling
  • Sprayer
  • Weighing balance platform
  • Plastic buckets, jugs, etc.
  • Bag stitching machine
  • Packing table
  • Containers for mixing ingredients
  • Weighing balance 10kg capacity
  • Aluminum trays
  • Heat sealing machine

Steps To Start An Incense Stick Business:

  • Thorough Market Research: If you browse through online puja stores, you will come across various types and also, fragrances of agarbattis. Each ingredient contributes differently and also, as per market demand, the stocks keep altering. Hence, before starting your venture you need to have a comprehensive idea about who your clients are, whether you should start a physical store or function through online stores, etc. 
  • Prepare The Business Plan: The purpose of this plan is to tell your investors how you are going to enter the market. Whether it is home-based, small-scale, what is the production capacity, the cost involved, and also, the capital requirement? So, it is important that you have a business plan ready. 
  • Manufacturing Space: Select the right space for starting your new project such that it does not affect people living in residential areas. Pollution certificate, factory license, and also, NOC are mandatory if your venture is a big one. 

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