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What to do When a Family Member Dies

Death is a time for mourning in the family and the Hindu faith dictates us to observe several of the.

The End of a Life is a Spiritual Journey

The Hindu faith is one which deals with the grief of death spiritually. The time when there is a death in the family is a time for the family to come together. But with corporate work culture taking up the bulk of the time, coming together and arranging for a grand funeraltakes a lot of sacrifices on the mourners’ part. The fact that people can buy puja kits online is a big step towards relieving them of this sacred duty during their time of mourning. They can utilize this time by being with the family and mourn with all the proper rituals.

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Rituals Observed in After a Death

After a death has happened in the family, the Hindu faith dictates us to observe a number of rituals piously. Here are a few that are very commonly observed.

  1. The body is washed immediately after a death, generally by the women in the family and then sacred ash is applied. In some communities the dead body is also decorated with chandan tika.
  2. A handful of rice and a few coins are given to the body, so that the soul can travel to its destination
  3. The body is placed in a wooden bed and is prepared for the funeral pyre. In the meantime no cooking is done at home. It is said that no fire will be lit in the house until the fire from the funeral pyre has died down.
  4. The friends of the family arrive with food. That should all be vegetarian food and no onion or garlic should be put in it.
  5. The next day the ashes are scattered in a river or a sea or any earth in India. A light is lit and water is kept beside a garlanded photo of the deceased. This is believed to facilitate the safe journey of the soul.
  6. A period of mourning is observed by the immediate family of the deceased lasting from 13 to 40 days, depending on the caste and community. After this period the family is again assimilated into the society.
  7. On the day when the mourning ends a feast is held, when Brahmins and the poor and distressed part of the society is fed a meal for blessings for the deceased soul.

Observing all these rituals piously demands a large portion of a person’s time which may result in career suicides. Nowadays observing all these rituals is a hard proposition. All these rituals need a supervising eye on them and so there is a need to book a pandit. A pandit is a man learned in Hindu scriptures who guide the mourners through this process.

It is said that in these times of grief the belief of immortality of the soul provides solace to the family. Reading out passages of the Bhagawad Gita calms the soul in these times of grief.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Hindu Priest

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A Hindu priest is also known as ‘Purohit’ or ‘Pandit’ has many responsibilities whenever they are responsible for performing rituals, ceremonies and always follows the instructions of temple rituals. Thus it has become very common that during every puja a Pandit is been called to perform all the rituals. But sometimes it happens that for puja we might not find Pandit on time. In such case, one good option to choose for is to book a Pandit online. Continue reading Roles and Responsibilities of a Hindu Priest

Pujas and Mantras to Bring Good Luck in Your Life

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Luck plays an important part in our lives and help us in getting success in all our endeavours. Puja is one of the effective ways to attain good luck and curb damage caused by bad planetary motions. Organizing a puja in a right way could be an answer to all the problems occurring in your life. We bring you some pujas and mantras to help you get luck, success and prosperity. Continue reading Pujas and Mantras to Bring Good Luck in Your Life

गुरुवार पूजा – महत्व, रस्में व लाभ

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हिंदू धर्म में हर दिन एक विशिष्ट देवता को समर्पित किया गया है और इसी तरह गुरुवार भगवान् विष्णु या बृहस्पति के लिए समर्पित है l बृहस्पति या जुपिटर का सौर मंडल में मुख्य स्थान है और सूर्य के बाद इसकी निष्ठावान स्थिति है।यह ब्राह्मण के गुरु के रूप में जाना जाता है l गुरूवार को की जाने वाली पूजा से भक्तो को अच्छा स्वास्थ्य, धन, सफलता और अच्छे जीवनसाथी का लाभ प्राप्त होता है l Continue reading गुरुवार पूजा – महत्व, रस्में व लाभ

Do This Puja and Remove Bad Effects of Black Magic


As we all know “if god exists then even evil does exist”, there are many instances that you are almost head-to-head to your work but get failed as soon as you reach there. You might have perceived every preparation getting done on time, but the main event get halts due to some reason or other. If you are in bad health and every treatment is getting failed, then it might be due to some black puja done on you. We bring you pujas and mantras to help you get rid of black magic. Continue reading Do This Puja and Remove Bad Effects of Black Magic